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About Hybrid

In the very near future, friendly aliens called Cubes arrive on Earth.
They promise spectacular technology in exchange for a detailed study of human society.
Very quickly, armed groups of citizens pledge to fight what they see as an invasion.
British detective Josephine Murray has reason to fear the aliens but is tasked by the UK government to protect them. She learns of startling and subversive aspects of the Cubes and becomes a still small voice of reason when literally all hell breaks loose. Battling betrayal and ominous shifts in the international balance of power,
Detective Murray works with security services across the globe to keep the role as 'alien protector' while tracking morally ambiguous terrorists and unexpected enemies.

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About the Author

John Humphreys is a British biochemist and conservation writer living in Pennsylvania. 
He is married to the musician and composer Nancy Gifford and has three children and six grandchildren.
Hybrid is his first novel.

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